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Merry Meet Magazine Issue 35 Winter 2008-9



Comment – Bones of Contention; A Road to Nowhere
News – Portable Antiquities Scheme Saved; Axe Hoard ‘gift to the Gods’; Dorset Rescue Dig Uncovers Rich Pagan Heritage; Portland Stone Circle in Dorchester Garden; Ancient Woodlands Under Threat; Merry Meet – The Book
Article – Here Come I! The Curious World of Mummers
Short Story The Red Lock
ReviewsTo Dream of the Dead by Phil Rickman; A Sorcerer’s Tale by Alec Ryrie; The Mysteries of Mithras by Payam Nabarz; The Chemical Wedding (DVD)
Feature – Sacred Sites in Danger
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Merry Meet Magazine Issue 31 Winter 2007-8



Comment – Stonehenge: What Now?; F4J Vandals; Silbury Hill
News – Rollright Vandalism; Megalithic Art at Tara; Ancient Pagan Shrine in Rome; EFDSS Wins lottery Grant: Lammas Festival 2008
Poem – Shaman, by Alison McLeay
Feature – Pagan Songs No. 13: – The Somerset wassail
Article – The Whittlesea straw Bear
Article – Maumbury Rings: The Evolution of a Sacred Site
Feature – Sacred Sites in Danger
Short Story – Nighthawks
ReviewsThe Fabric of sin by Phil rickman; Ogham Sketchbook by Karen Cater; Solstice at Stonewylde by Kit Berry; Entranced by the Goddess by Sudha Chandola; Descents of Memory: The life of John Cowper Powys by morine Krisdottir; Explore Vampires by Bob Curran
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Merry Meet Magazine Issue 30 Autumn 2007



Comment – Heritage Under attack; bio-Fuels Disaster for Wildlife
News – Stonehenge Tunnel Ditched; Ritual serpent Discovered; long Man Protest; Nine Ladies Saved; Eastbourne Lammas Festival; Elizabeth St George;
Article – Ostara – A Celebration, by Kevin Lane
Article – Who Is the Long Man?
PoemThe Long Man of Wilmington by Doreen Valiente
Short Story – A Small Slice of Heaven
Feature – Sacred Sites in Danger
Feature – Pagan Songs No. 13: – Juniper Gentle & Rosemary
ReviewsCelebrating Nature by Gordon MacLellan; Paganism for Teenagers by Jess Wynne; Marco’s Pendulum by Thom Madeley
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Merry Meet Magazine Issue 26 Autumn 2006



Comment – Rome Fiddles While the World Burns; PEL Nonsense
News – Stonehenge Threat Latest; well Bless My Soul; Pagan Oath Approved; Newham Recruits ‘Witch Finder’; Crop circles
Article – Lammas Festival 2006
Article – Old Sarum, Wiltshire
Feature – Pagan Songs No. 9: – The Cutty wren
Article – Synchronicity, by Launi
Short StoryFloating
ReviewsDeath and the Pagan by Phillip Wright & Carrie west; The bardic Handbook by Kevan Manwaring; Cures & Curses by Janet Bord; Crossing the Line by Paul Screeton; The Green Man & the Dragon by Kevan Manwaring; Cowboys for Christ by robin Hardy; The Quest for the Wicker Man by Franks, Harper, Murray & Stevenson
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Merry Meet Magazine Issue 23 Winter 2005-6



Comment – The State we’re In
News – New Light on Stonehenge; Folk on the Net; Silbury Mound Repairs; Witchcraft Museum; Witch Doctored in time for Halloween; Quote of the year (by Brian Eno).
Song Christmas Time is Pagan
Article – Saints & demons – an Incomplete History of Carnival Giants
Short StoryThe strong-room
FeaturePagan Songs No. 6: Tom of Bedlam
ReviewsExplore Fairy Traditions by Jeremy Harte; Labyrinth by Kate Mosse; Treasure Island by Nick Harper (CD); Seahenge by Charlie Watson
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Merry Meet Magazine Issue 21 Summer 2005



Comment – The Great Debate; Oh no, Here We go Again
News – Pagans Join Trust to Protect Avebury; Licensing Act Threat to Live music; Museum of Witchcraft Reopened
Article – Solomon’s Pomegranate and Other Fakes
Article –Ten Things You Need to Know about Morris Dancers
Short Story The Stone Raven
Article – Eastbourne Lammas Festival
Article – Duloe Stone Circle
Feature – Pagan Songs (The Magical Tradition) No. 4: John Barleycorn
ReviewsThe Magic Spring by Richard Lewis; Brighid’s Healing by Gina McGarry; The Witchfinders by Malcolm Gaskill; Sacred Places: Prehistory & the Imagination by Bob Trubshaw
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Merry Meet Magazine Issue 19 Winter 2004-5



Comment – Incitement to Hatred; Pagan Heritage
News – Witchcraft Museum Resurrected; Puppet museum Closes; Sussex Sheela-na-gig Destroyed; Dee’s Scrying Crystal Stolen; Tally Ho! The unspeakables get a Ban!
Article Mother Ludlum’s Cave & Cauldron
Article – Paganism – the Natural Religion of a Sceptic?
Short Story – The Sea Witch
FeaturePagan Songs No. 2: The holly & The Ivy
Reviews – Stonehenge by Andy worthington; Fifty Years of Wicca by Fred Lamond; The Long Woman by Kevan Manwaring; 
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Some content may be available as a PDF file on request. Please enquire via email.