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Merry Meet Magazine Issue 45 Summer 2011



Comment – Uncomfortable Bedfellows
News – Penwith Megaliths Endangered; Eastbourne Lammas Festival Anniversary;
Anti Pagan protest Fails; Silbury’s Twin Mound Confirmed; Dr Dee Opera
Article – The First Eastbourne Lammas Festival
Article – Poxwell Stone Circle
Article – The Soul Captivation of King Henry, by Michael Berman
Short StoryThe Death of Pan by Lord Dunsany
ReviewsAncient Stones on Old Postcards by Jerry Bird; Becoming Pagan by Ty Jamie Coxon; The Museum of Witchcraft – A Magical History by Kerriann Godwin
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Merry Meet Magazine Issue 25 Summer 2006



Comment – What Have we Done to the Rain?; A Salutory Tale
News – Lammas Festival Latest; Stonehenge Solstice; seamus; Odinists Win Discrimination Case; Secret Art Collection Now Available
Article – The Pipes of Pan
Article – The Greenstone Part 2, by Ralph Harvey
Article – The Book of Shadows Decoded, by Barry Bow
Article – Culbone Church & Stone, Somerset
Feature – Pagan Songs No. 8: – Jack-in-the-Green
ReviewsMary Magdalene by Jan MacDonald; Spirals by Geoff Ward; Taliesin’s Travels by Michael Dames; The Smile of a Ghost by Phil Rickman; Circle Dancing by June Watts;
PoemMy Cosmic Order by Sally Erridge
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