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Merry Meet Magazine Issue 70 Midsummer 2021


News & Comment – The Magic of Science; Oceanus in Hampshire; Rude Man of Dorset’s Test Results bring Surprises
Article – The Bideford Witches
Article – Merlin & Morgana – THe Myth and the Magic
Article – The Celtic Prayer of Women
Feature – Pan in Neo-Pagan Fiction 1880-1918 part 1
Article – A Dorset Wishing Well
ReviewsThe Wheel of the Year Tarot by Yvonne Muckle; Gods,  Ghosts and Goblins – Folklore and Beyond by Eric Fitch
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Merry Meet Magazine Issue 71 Samhain 2021

MM71 cover imageContents

News & Comment – Worrying times; Slave skeleton shows evidence of abuse; Vital repairs made to Stonehenge; Bristol manuscript fragments portray a more chaste Merlin
Article – Pan’s Lodge and the Painswick Feast
Article – The Rotherwas Serpent by Eric Fitch
Feature – Pan in Neo-Pagan Fiction 1880-1918 part 2
Article – Halloween and Witchcraft in Dorset
ReviewWhat Maketh the Witch? by Eliza Mary Gray

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Merry Meet Magazine Issue 57 Spring 2016









Comment – Pagan Heritage Destroyed
News – Dave Swarbrick obituary; giant beer censored; English Heritage ‘vandalism’ at Tintagel; Police warning on Solstice at Avebury
Article – Following the Old Oss
Article - The Songline of LLeu, by Laurence Main
Feature -The Fairlop Oak
Article – Paganism in the Workplace, by Lee Smith
ReviewsKing Arthur’s Camlan by Laurence Main; The House of Susan Lulham  by Phil Rickman 
Folklore Diary & Events – Your guide for the next quarter

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Merry Meet Magazine Issue 56, Winter 2015/16



Comment – Dorchester Archaeology Saved (for now); Merry Meet in Shops
News – Michael Howard (1948-2015); Terry Pratchett (1948-2015); Mystery Bronze Age Enclosure in Devon; Anglo-Saxon Leechbook Remedy Kills MRSA; Peterborough’s Pompeii
Article – Abbotsbury Garland Day
Article - Fate and the Norse Gods by Eric Fitch
Feature - In the Footsteps of a Wizard – John Cowper Powys in Dorchester
Article – Baring Gould’s Chairs
Article – The Devil’s Quoits
ReviewsThe Lost Book of Fleams by Kate Aimson; Friends of the Dusk  by Phil Rickman 
Folklore Diary & Events – Your guide for the next quarter

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Merry Meet Magazine Issue 55 Winter 2015



Comment – Stonehenge – Should exclusion be reintroduced?
News – ITV commissions Merrily Watkins Drama, Glastonbury temple licensed for weddings, Tarr Steps featured on new stamp, Traces of new stone avenue found at Avebury.
Article – Woden and England, by Eric Fitch
Article - Campaign to save Dorchester’s archaeology
Feature - The Lost Stone Circles of Dorset Part 3
Article – The legend of the dog Gelert
ReviewsListening to the Stones by Beatrice Walditch; Night After Night  by Phil Rickman 
Folklore Diary & Events – Your guide for the next quarter

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Merry Meet Magazine issue 52 Spring 2014

MM52 Cover


Comment – Of Angels & Baguettes – public art and ancient sites
News – Stonehenge was ‘London of the Mesolithic’; Ancient Iron Rod was Viking ‘Witch Wand’; Farewell to Freya; ‘New’ Dartmoor Stone Circle Uncovered; Scottish ‘Wishing Tree’ Investigated.
Article  – A Holy Sea-fort St Catherine’s Chapel, Dorset.
Poem  – The Old Witch-Hare
Feature  – John Cowper Powys’s A Glastonbury Romance
Article – Who was Saint George?
Reviews  – Of Sirens and Centaurs: Medieval Sculpture at Exeter Cathedral by Alex Woodcock; The Magus of Hay by Phil Rickman; Lord of the Silver Hand by Gerald Killingworth; The Witches’ Herbal by Michael Howard; The Ceremony of May  by Rose & Garry Blakeley (CD); The Liberty to Choose by James Findlay, Bella Hardy, Brian Peters, Lucy Ward (CD)
Folklore Diary & Events – Your guide for the next quarter

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Merry Meet Magazine Issue 39 Winter 2009-10



Comment - Good Riddance to the Noughties; Merry Meet 40 Not Out!
News - Winter Solstice at Stonehenge; Eastbourne Bonfire Revival; James Findlay – New Young Folk Hero; Cissbury Ring Campaign; Bluestonehenge; Pagan Lap Dancing (?)
Poem - Winter Solstice by Sylvie Tavares
FeatureThe Magical Tradition: The Boar’s Head Carol
Article – Leigh Mizmaze
Article – Bless This House – Apotropaic Magic
Article – Cord Magic, by Peter Nash
ReviewsThe Well Under The Sea, by Kevan Manwaring; Defences Against the Witches Craft by John Canard
What’s On

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Merry Meet Magazine Issue 37 Summer 2009



Comment – Slow Motion Disaster; The Valiente Archive
News – Museum of British Folklore on Tour; Hampshire Ceremonial Complex; Peat moors Centre; Dorset Medieval festival; 1st Bard of Caer Dur; museum of Witchcraft Mystery Exhibit; Green Man Books mail order ends
Article – Thomas Hardy’s Druid Stones
Poem By the Runic Stone by Thomas Hardy
Article – The Filly Loo
Feature – The Magical Tradition – Lady Margaret
Short Story The Three Oaks, A Fable
ReviewsA Pathway Through The seasons, by Rose Blakeley; Weymouth & Mr Punchby Judith Stinton; Covensense by Patricia Crowther; As I Carelessly Did Stray (CD) by James Findlay
Feature – Sacred Sites in Danger
What’s On

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Merry Meet Magazine Issue 36 Spring 2009



Comment – News With Bells On!; Ancestral Bones
News – Peat moors Centre to Close; Merry Meet Website Launched; Landscape of Memory; Dorset Medieval Festival; Recession Hits Archaeology; Morris Film Lacks Distributor
Article – The Changing Face of the Green Man
Article – Ghosts Among the Stones – Fernworthy Stone Circle
Feature – The Magical Tradition – The Lambton Worm
PoemsGrowing Time and Eostre by Ruth francis-Foster
ReviewsWitch – An Autobiography by Rochelle Moore; English Holy Wells – A Sourcebook by Jeremy Harte; Landscape of Memory by Jerry Bird; The Persian ‘Mar Nameh’ by Payam Nabarz and SH Taquizadeh
Feature – Sacred Sites in Danger
What’s On

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Merry Meet Magazine Issue 35 Winter 2008-9



Comment – Bones of Contention; A Road to Nowhere
News – Portable Antiquities Scheme Saved; Axe Hoard ‘gift to the Gods’; Dorset Rescue Dig Uncovers Rich Pagan Heritage; Portland Stone Circle in Dorchester Garden; Ancient Woodlands Under Threat; Merry Meet – The Book
Article – Here Come I! The Curious World of Mummers
Short Story The Red Lock
ReviewsTo Dream of the Dead by Phil Rickman; A Sorcerer’s Tale by Alec Ryrie; The Mysteries of Mithras by Payam Nabarz; The Chemical Wedding (DVD)
Feature – Sacred Sites in Danger
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Merry Meet Magazine Issue 31 Winter 2007-8



Comment – Stonehenge: What Now?; F4J Vandals; Silbury Hill
News – Rollright Vandalism; Megalithic Art at Tara; Ancient Pagan Shrine in Rome; EFDSS Wins lottery Grant: Lammas Festival 2008
Poem – Shaman, by Alison McLeay
Feature – Pagan Songs No. 13: – The Somerset wassail
Article – The Whittlesea straw Bear
Article – Maumbury Rings: The Evolution of a Sacred Site
Feature – Sacred Sites in Danger
Short Story – Nighthawks
ReviewsThe Fabric of sin by Phil rickman; Ogham Sketchbook by Karen Cater; Solstice at Stonewylde by Kit Berry; Entranced by the Goddess by Sudha Chandola; Descents of Memory: The life of John Cowper Powys by morine Krisdottir; Explore Vampires by Bob Curran
What’s On

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Merry Meet Magazine Issue 30 Autumn 2007



Comment – Heritage Under attack; bio-Fuels Disaster for Wildlife
News – Stonehenge Tunnel Ditched; Ritual serpent Discovered; long Man Protest; Nine Ladies Saved; Eastbourne Lammas Festival; Elizabeth St George;
Article – Ostara – A Celebration, by Kevin Lane
Article – Who Is the Long Man?
PoemThe Long Man of Wilmington by Doreen Valiente
Short Story – A Small Slice of Heaven
Feature – Sacred Sites in Danger
Feature – Pagan Songs No. 13: – Juniper Gentle & Rosemary
ReviewsCelebrating Nature by Gordon MacLellan; Paganism for Teenagers by Jess Wynne; Marco’s Pendulum by Thom Madeley
What’s On

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Merry Meet Magazine Issue 29 Summer 2007



Comment – Save Our Sacred Sites; Banksy’s Insult to Stonehenge; double-edged Sword
News – ‘Born Again’ teacher Loses Discrimination Case; Stonehenge Anthem; Pagans targeted; Ritual Sussex Horse Burial; Avebury Solstice; The Lewes Arms; Silbury Progress
Artwork – The World Tree by David Lee Thomas
Article – A Can of Worms: Religious Involvement in Schools
Article – The Hill of Tara
Feature – Pagan Songs No. 14: George Collins
Article – Knowlton Henge
ReviewsThe Druids by Ronald Hutton; The Rough Guide to Climate Change by Robert Henson; The Magus of Stonewylde/Moondance of Stonewylde by Kit Berry; Explore Alchemy by Cherry Gilchrist; Howls of Imagination: Wolves of England by Paul Williams; Songs of Witchcraft and Magic by The Museum of Witchcraft (CD)
What’s On

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Merry Meet Magazine Issue 27 Winter 2006-7



Comment – A Stern Warning; Everlasting Light
News – New Stonehenge Theory; Catholic fundies Cause Mayhem at Glastonbury; Avebury Group Award; Witch Loses Court battle over ‘Spell’ Police Return Athame;
Article – The Trouble with Covens
Article – Ham Hill, Somerset
PoemYule, or The Wheel of the Year by Philip Howell
Feature – Pagan Songs No. 10: – The Seven Joys of Midwinter
Short StoryThe Engineman
ReviewsThe Remains of an Altar by Phil Rickman; Pagan Resurrection by Richard Rudgley; Over Nine Forests by K M Koppana; The Book of Lost Things by John Connolly; Windsmith by Kevan Manwaring
What’s On

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Merry Meet Magazine Issue 26 Autumn 2006



Comment – Rome Fiddles While the World Burns; PEL Nonsense
News – Stonehenge Threat Latest; well Bless My Soul; Pagan Oath Approved; Newham Recruits ‘Witch Finder’; Crop circles
Article – Lammas Festival 2006
Article – Old Sarum, Wiltshire
Feature – Pagan Songs No. 9: – The Cutty wren
Article – Synchronicity, by Launi
Short StoryFloating
ReviewsDeath and the Pagan by Phillip Wright & Carrie west; The bardic Handbook by Kevan Manwaring; Cures & Curses by Janet Bord; Crossing the Line by Paul Screeton; The Green Man & the Dragon by Kevan Manwaring; Cowboys for Christ by robin Hardy; The Quest for the Wicker Man by Franks, Harper, Murray & Stevenson
What’s On

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