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Merry Meet Magazine Issue 34 Autumn 2008



Comment – Preserve or Restore; Hadron Hysteria
News – Storm Brews Over HEATH; Giant Has Facelift; New Museum Archaeological Fund; Birmingham Bans Pagan & Atheist Websites; Devil’s Quoits Ride Again; Dorset Archaeological Awards; Bardic Chair Revived in Dorchester
Article – Nine Men’s Morris
Article – The Broad Stone, Winterbourne Abbas, Dorset
Feature – The Magical Tradition – The Song of the Wandering Aengus
ReviewsA Spark in the Void by Apawaae; The Green Hedge Witch by Rae Beth; Dowsing For Cures by Wilma Davidson; A Touch of Pagan by Deborah Maudlin; Witch Jar by Kelvin I Jones; Divine Comedy of Neophyte Corax and Goddess Morrigan by Payam Nabarz; Play Something we all Know (CD) by Porvari
Feature – Sacred Sites in Danger
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