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Merry Meet Magazine Issue 24 Spring 2006



Comment – loony About Tunes
News – Threat to Lammas Festival; US Wiccan Group Muscle in on Hastings Jack-in-the-Green Festival; Witchcraft Museum Reopens at Easter; Harry Potter & the Vatican; British Minerva Discovered
Article – Folk Britannia, by Joe Stead; The greenstone, by Ralph Harvey
Article – Fernworthy Stone Circle
PoemA Wiltshire Tale by Nick Harper
Feature – Pagan Songs No. 7: – The Two Musicians
ReviewsThe Revenge of Gaia by James Lovelock; Somerset Cider Folklore & Customs by Jon Dathen; The Firehills by Steve Alton; Explore Phantom Black Dogs by Bob Trubshaw; Solitary Eclectic Witchcraft by Liz Pulley; Cowboys for Christ by robin Hardy; The Moon Garden by Wendy Mewes
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