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Merry Meet Magazine Issue 54 Autumn 2014



Comment – Archaeology and Commerce – a Case Study
News – Stonehenge survey; Ancient Sethian Magical Papyrus Translated; Norfolk Doorstop was Offering to the Gods; Pagan Blue Plaques.
Article – An Old Mummer at the Chequers, Wheeler End
Article - King Arthur, Warlords Wizardry, History and Prophecy 
Feature - The Lost Stone Circles of Dorset Part 2
Article – The Twelve Days of (a Dorset) Christmas
ReviewsWassailing – Reawakening an Ancient Folk Custom  by Colin & Karen Kater; The Shortest Day – A Little Book of the Winter Solstice by Karen Kater; Mumming Plays in Hardy’s Wessex by Jerry Bird
Folklore Diary & Events – Your guide for the next quarter

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Merry Meet Magazine Issue 51 Winter 2013/14

Merry Meet Magazine Issue 51


Comment – Badger Nonsense
News – Museum of Witchcraft Changes Hands; New Stonehenge Visitor Centre; ‘Princess’ Burial near Windsor; Hill Fort Threatened; Sad End for Hardy landmark; Mesolithic Art Discovered in Wales
Article – Mumming and Rioting in Dorset 1828-30
Feature – Cornish Mermaids and Medieval Church Imagery
Article – The Witch of Endor, by Eric Fitch
Article – The Duke of Monmouth’s Spell Book
ReviewsHedge Witchcraft and Hedge Riding by Harmonia Saille; The Burning Path by Kevan Manwaring; Paranormal Purbeck by David leadbetter
Folklore Diary & Events – Your guide for the next quarter

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Merry Meet Magazine Issue 35 Winter 2008-9



Comment – Bones of Contention; A Road to Nowhere
News – Portable Antiquities Scheme Saved; Axe Hoard ‘gift to the Gods’; Dorset Rescue Dig Uncovers Rich Pagan Heritage; Portland Stone Circle in Dorchester Garden; Ancient Woodlands Under Threat; Merry Meet – The Book
Article – Here Come I! The Curious World of Mummers
Short Story The Red Lock
ReviewsTo Dream of the Dead by Phil Rickman; A Sorcerer’s Tale by Alec Ryrie; The Mysteries of Mithras by Payam Nabarz; The Chemical Wedding (DVD)
Feature – Sacred Sites in Danger
What’s On

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Merry Meet Magazine Issue 31 Winter 2007-8



Comment – Stonehenge: What Now?; F4J Vandals; Silbury Hill
News – Rollright Vandalism; Megalithic Art at Tara; Ancient Pagan Shrine in Rome; EFDSS Wins lottery Grant: Lammas Festival 2008
Poem – Shaman, by Alison McLeay
Feature – Pagan Songs No. 13: – The Somerset wassail
Article – The Whittlesea straw Bear
Article – Maumbury Rings: The Evolution of a Sacred Site
Feature – Sacred Sites in Danger
Short Story – Nighthawks
ReviewsThe Fabric of sin by Phil rickman; Ogham Sketchbook by Karen Cater; Solstice at Stonewylde by Kit Berry; Entranced by the Goddess by Sudha Chandola; Descents of Memory: The life of John Cowper Powys by morine Krisdottir; Explore Vampires by Bob Curran
What’s On

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