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Merry Meet Magazine Issue 71 Samhain 2021

MM71 cover imageContents

News & Comment – The Magic of Science; Oceanus in Hampshire; Rude Man of Dorset’s Test Results bring Surprises
Article – The Bideford Witches
Article – Merlin & Morgana – THe Myth and the Magic
Article – The Celtic Prayer of Women
Feature – Pan in Neo-Pagan Fiction 1880-1918 part 1
Article – A Dorset Wishing Well
ReviewsThe Wheel of the Year Tarot by Yvonne Muckle; Gods,  Ghosts and Goblins – Folklore and Beyond by Eric Fitch

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Merry Meet Magazine Issue 48 Spring 2012




Comment – More chalk hill figure vandalism
News – New Exhibition in Dorset – Sacred sites & Hares; Maria Cunningham 1958-2012; Mulfra Quoit Fire; Museum of Witchcraft latest; Puddingstone Restored; Druid Meteorite in Wiltshire
Feature – Lord Dunsany’s The Blessing of Pan
Article – Shape-shifters’ Tales by Michael Berman
Article – The Agglestone – ‘a theme of antiquarian conjecture’
Article – Music in the Wicker Man
ReviewsTurning the Wheel by Kevan Manwaring; Treasure of the Silver Web by Marian Green
Folklore Diary & Events

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Merry Meet Magazine Issue 45 Summer 2011



Comment – Uncomfortable Bedfellows
News – Penwith Megaliths Endangered; Eastbourne Lammas Festival Anniversary;
Anti Pagan protest Fails; Silbury’s Twin Mound Confirmed; Dr Dee Opera
Article – The First Eastbourne Lammas Festival
Article – Poxwell Stone Circle
Article – The Soul Captivation of King Henry, by Michael Berman
Short StoryThe Death of Pan by Lord Dunsany
ReviewsAncient Stones on Old Postcards by Jerry Bird; Becoming Pagan by Ty Jamie Coxon; The Museum of Witchcraft – A Magical History by Kerriann Godwin
What’s On

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