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Merry Meet Magazine Issue 41 Summer 2010



Comment – Stonehenge;
News – Sites at Risk; Pagan Police; Avebury Reburials; Tenth Lammas Festival; Cornish Crosses Microchipped
Article – Groveley, Groveley and all Groveley: Oak Apple Day in Wishford
Poem At the Gates of Dawn by Snoe White Absinthum
Article – The Giants of Clifton
Article – Winterborne Abbas – The Nine Stones, by Laurence Keen
Article – A Wandering Minstrel I: The Medieval minstrel in folklore
Reviews – Wicked Enchantments – A History of the Pendle Witches by Joyce Froome;
Westminster Abbey Chapter House by Mortimer & Rodwell; A Glastonbury Romance
by WJ Keith; The Secret Land-Origins of Arthurian legend & The Grail Quest by Broadhurst & Heath; Outlandish by Press Gang (CD)
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