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Merry Meet Magazine Issue 63 Samhain 2018

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News & Comment – Myth and Reality; Stonehenge’s Welsh Connection; Bumper crop for archaeologists
Article – Dorchester’s Ghosts
Article – Wayland’s Smithy
Feature – Woodbury Hill Fair
Feature – Revd R.S. Hawker – the Mystic of Morwenstow
Reviews – Revealing the Green Man, by Mark Olly; Bees vs People, Chris Slade
Folklore Diary  – a four monthly guide

Merry Meet Magazine Issue 61 Winter 2018

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Comment – Merry Meet is Changing
News – Archaeological ‘Bad Practise’ in Somerset; Roman ‘Healing Dog’ found in Gloucestershire; Yorkshire Woodhenge Discovered; Possible Human Sacrifice in Somerset
Feature – Thomas Hardy’s Ghosts
Song – Yuletide in a Younger Time
Feature – The Devil’s Den
Article – Montem Mound Update by Eric Fitch
Article – A Maiden’s Grave
Article – The Giant’s Grave
Poem – The Paphian Ball by Thomas Hardy
Reviews - Pagan’s Progress – a Ge-Ography Primer by Michael Dames; A Dance with Hermes by Lindsay Clarke
Folklore Diary – Your guide for the next quarter


Merry Meet Magazine Issue 20 Spring 2005



Comment Padstow Persecuted; Green Nuclear power? No Thanks!
News Rollright Stones Vandalism; Quarrying Threatens Burials; Somerset Cave Art; witchcraft museum News
Article – Faith and Disaster
Article – Rhythms of the Soul
Article – The Three Hares
Short StoryThe 8.37 from Drayton Park
Feature – Pagan Songs (The Magical Tradition) No. 3: The Burning Times
ReviewsThe Last Bastion by Ralph Harvey; The limits of Enchantment by Graham Joyce
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