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Merry Meet Magazine Issue 37 Summer 2009



Comment – Slow Motion Disaster; The Valiente Archive
News – Museum of British Folklore on Tour; Hampshire Ceremonial Complex; Peat moors Centre; Dorset Medieval festival; 1st Bard of Caer Dur; museum of Witchcraft Mystery Exhibit; Green Man Books mail order ends
Article – Thomas Hardy’s Druid Stones
Poem By the Runic Stone by Thomas Hardy
Article – The Filly Loo
Feature – The Magical Tradition – Lady Margaret
Short Story The Three Oaks, A Fable
ReviewsA Pathway Through The seasons, by Rose Blakeley; Weymouth & Mr Punchby Judith Stinton; Covensense by Patricia Crowther; As I Carelessly Did Stray (CD) by James Findlay
Feature – Sacred Sites in Danger
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