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Merry Meet Issue 58 Autumn 2016








Comment – Pagan Heritage post-Brexit
News – Barge Inn under threat; Narrow escape for Kersey Puddingstone; Neolithic Temple at Ness of Brodgar; Dark Age Palace at Tintagel
Article – Following the Old Dog – the West Country’s 4th ‘Oss by Mark Norman
Feature – The Treasures of Whitcombe
Article – Crowley at Piccadilly
Article – Burrow Mump
ReviewsDoreen Valiente, Witch by Philip Heselton; Black Dog Folklore  by Mark Norman 
Folklore Diary & Events – Your guide for the next quarter


Merry Meet Magazine Issue 54 Autumn 2014



Comment – Archaeology and Commerce – a Case Study
News – Stonehenge survey; Ancient Sethian Magical Papyrus Translated; Norfolk Doorstop was Offering to the Gods; Pagan Blue Plaques.
Article – An Old Mummer at the Chequers, Wheeler End
Article - King Arthur, Warlords Wizardry, History and Prophecy 
Feature - The Lost Stone Circles of Dorset Part 2
Article – The Twelve Days of (a Dorset) Christmas
ReviewsWassailing – Reawakening an Ancient Folk Custom  by Colin & Karen Kater; The Shortest Day – A Little Book of the Winter Solstice by Karen Kater; Mumming Plays in Hardy’s Wessex by Jerry Bird
Folklore Diary & Events – Your guide for the next quarter

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Merry Meet Magazine issue 53 Summer 2014



Comment – Of Bombs and Bees
News – Ancient Welsh Yew; Austin Osman Spare Portrait Mystery; Gardner gets Blue Plaque
Article  – The Angels of Mons
Article  – Montem Mound
Article  – Midsummer Hemp Custom
Feature – The Lost Stone Circles of Dorset Part 1
Reviews  – Ameth – The Life and Times of Doreen Valiente by Jonathan Tapsell;  Pagan Britain by Ronald Hutton
Folklore Diary & Events – Your guide for the next quarter

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MM52 Cover

Merry Meet Magazine Issue 50 Autumn 2013









Comment – Fracking Hell!
News – Offa’s Dyke Bulldozed; ‘Brunel’s’ Roman Mosaic Restored; Mars Talisman
at Museum of Witchcraft; King Arthur loses Battle of Stonehenge; Blue Plaque for Doreen
Article – The Black Dog of Lyme
Article – Paul Nash and William Stukeley by John Walker
Feature – Hares in the Landscape: Prints by John Walker
Article – Connla & the Fairy Maiden by Michael Berman
ReviewsDorset Folk Tales by Tim Laycock; Beyond the Henge by Bob Trubshaw; Days and Rites by Mark Lewis; Another Day Another Story by James Findlay
Folklore Diary & Events

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Merry Meet Magazine Issue 37 Summer 2009



Comment – Slow Motion Disaster; The Valiente Archive
News – Museum of British Folklore on Tour; Hampshire Ceremonial Complex; Peat moors Centre; Dorset Medieval festival; 1st Bard of Caer Dur; museum of Witchcraft Mystery Exhibit; Green Man Books mail order ends
Article – Thomas Hardy’s Druid Stones
Poem By the Runic Stone by Thomas Hardy
Article – The Filly Loo
Feature – The Magical Tradition – Lady Margaret
Short Story The Three Oaks, A Fable
ReviewsA Pathway Through The seasons, by Rose Blakeley; Weymouth & Mr Punchby Judith Stinton; Covensense by Patricia Crowther; As I Carelessly Did Stray (CD) by James Findlay
Feature – Sacred Sites in Danger
What’s On

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Merry Meet Magazine Issue 30 Autumn 2007



Comment – Heritage Under attack; bio-Fuels Disaster for Wildlife
News – Stonehenge Tunnel Ditched; Ritual serpent Discovered; long Man Protest; Nine Ladies Saved; Eastbourne Lammas Festival; Elizabeth St George;
Article – Ostara – A Celebration, by Kevin Lane
Article – Who Is the Long Man?
PoemThe Long Man of Wilmington by Doreen Valiente
Short Story – A Small Slice of Heaven
Feature – Sacred Sites in Danger
Feature – Pagan Songs No. 13: – Juniper Gentle & Rosemary
ReviewsCelebrating Nature by Gordon MacLellan; Paganism for Teenagers by Jess Wynne; Marco’s Pendulum by Thom Madeley
What’s On

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Merry Meet Magazine Issue 27 Winter 2006-7



Comment – A Stern Warning; Everlasting Light
News – New Stonehenge Theory; Catholic fundies Cause Mayhem at Glastonbury; Avebury Group Award; Witch Loses Court battle over ‘Spell’ Police Return Athame;
Article – The Trouble with Covens
Article – Ham Hill, Somerset
PoemYule, or The Wheel of the Year by Philip Howell
Feature – Pagan Songs No. 10: – The Seven Joys of Midwinter
Short StoryThe Engineman
ReviewsThe Remains of an Altar by Phil Rickman; Pagan Resurrection by Richard Rudgley; Over Nine Forests by K M Koppana; The Book of Lost Things by John Connolly; Windsmith by Kevan Manwaring
What’s On

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