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Merry Meet Magazine Issue 64 Imbolc 2019

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News & Comment – Myth and Reality; Stonehenge’s Welsh Connection; Bumper crop for archaeologists
Article – Dorchester’s Ghosts
Article – Wayland’s Smithy
Feature – Woodbury Hill Fair
Feature – Revd R.S. Hawker – the Mystic of Morwenstow
ReviewsRevealing the Green Man, by Mark Olly; Bees vs People, Chris Slade
Folklore Diary  – a four monthly guide

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Merry Meet Magazine Issue 61 Winter 2018

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Comment – Merry Meet is Changing
News – Archaeological ‘Bad Practise’ in Somerset; Roman ‘Healing Dog’ found in Gloucestershire; Yorkshire Woodhenge Discovered; Possible Human Sacrifice in Somerset
Feature – Thomas Hardy’s Ghosts
Song – Yuletide in a Younger Time
Feature – The Devil’s Den
Article – Montem Mound Update by Eric Fitch
Article – A Maiden’s Grave
Article – The Giant’s Grave
Poem – The Paphian Ball by Thomas Hardy
Reviews Pagan’s Progress – a Ge-Ography Primer by Michael Dames; A Dance with Hermes by Lindsay Clarke
Folklore Diary – Your guide for the next quarter


Merry Meet Magazine Issue 60 Summer 2017

MM60 cover







Comment – Tunnel Vision – the plans for Stonehenge
News – Archaeologists discover earliest-known sacred sit still in use; mapping Britain’s folklore; Odinists claim churches; vandalism at Clava Cairns.
Feature – The Magic of Hares
Article – Purgatory Fields- by Eric Fitch
Feature – Merrivale Ritual Complex
Article – The Giant’s Grave
Reviews Witchcraft – A Hereditary Tradition by Jon Dathen; The Way into Faerie  by Rae Beth
Folklore Diary  – Your guide for the next quarter

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Merry Meet Issue 58 Autumn 2016








Comment – Pagan Heritage post-Brexit
News – Barge Inn under threat; Narrow escape for Kersey Puddingstone; Neolithic Temple at Ness of Brodgar; Dark Age Palace at Tintagel
Article – Following the Old Dog – the West Country’s 4th ‘Oss by Mark Norman
Feature – The Treasures of Whitcombe
Article – Crowley at Piccadilly
Article – Burrow Mump
ReviewsDoreen Valiente, Witch by Philip Heselton; Black Dog Folklore  by Mark Norman 
Folklore Diary & Events – Your guide for the next quarter

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Merry Meet Magazine Issue 57 Spring 2016









Comment – Pagan Heritage Destroyed
News – Dave Swarbrick obituary; giant beer censored; English Heritage ‘vandalism’ at Tintagel; Police warning on Solstice at Avebury
Article – Following the Old Oss
Article – The Songline of LLeu, by Laurence Main
Feature -The Fairlop Oak
Article – Paganism in the Workplace, by Lee Smith
Reviews – King Arthur’s Camlan by Laurence Main; The House of Susan Lulham  by Phil Rickman 
Folklore Diary & Events – Your guide for the next quarter

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Merry Meet Magazine Issue 55 Winter 2015



Comment – Stonehenge – Should exclusion be reintroduced?
News – ITV commissions Merrily Watkins Drama, Glastonbury temple licensed for weddings, Tarr Steps featured on new stamp, Traces of new stone avenue found at Avebury.
Article – Woden and England, by Eric Fitch
Article – Campaign to save Dorchester’s archaeology
Feature – The Lost Stone Circles of Dorset Part 3
Article – The legend of the dog Gelert
Reviews – Listening to the Stones by Beatrice Walditch; Night After Night  by Phil Rickman 
Folklore Diary & Events – Your guide for the next quarter

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Merry Meet Magazine issue 52 Spring 2014

MM52 Cover


Comment – Of Angels & Baguettes – public art and ancient sites
News – Stonehenge was ‘London of the Mesolithic’; Ancient Iron Rod was Viking ‘Witch Wand’; Farewell to Freya; ‘New’ Dartmoor Stone Circle Uncovered; Scottish ‘Wishing Tree’ Investigated.
Article  – A Holy Sea-fort St Catherine’s Chapel, Dorset.
Poem  – The Old Witch-Hare
Feature  – John Cowper Powys’s A Glastonbury Romance
Article – Who was Saint George?
Reviews  – Of Sirens and Centaurs: Medieval Sculpture at Exeter Cathedral by Alex Woodcock; The Magus of Hay by Phil Rickman; Lord of the Silver Hand by Gerald Killingworth; The Witches’ Herbal by Michael Howard; The Ceremony of May  by Rose & Garry Blakeley (CD); The Liberty to Choose by James Findlay, Bella Hardy, Brian Peters, Lucy Ward (CD)
Folklore Diary & Events – Your guide for the next quarter

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Merry Meet Magazine Issue 47 Winter 2011-12








Comment – The Great British Pub
News – New Evidence on Stonehenge; Pendle Ruin is not Witches Cottage;
Dartmoor Monument revealed; Priddy Circles Arrest; Bronze Roman Cockerel Found;
Glastonbury’s Holy Thorn Killed by Vandals
Article – The Devil & St Pancras (legends of Widecombe)
Article – Well May Ye Bear! – Wassail Chants
Article – Speen Holy Well
Article – The transformative Power of the Wind by Michael Berman
Reviews Ritual by David Pinner; Children of Cain by Michael Howard; The Secrets of Pain by Phil Rickman; Green Men & White Swans by Jaqueline Simpson
What’s On – Your guide for the next quarter

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Merry Meet Magazine Issue 40 Spring 2010



Comment – Anti-science and Belief
News – Dark Age Mercia; Discoveries at Stanton Drew; Stonehenge Research; Pagan Groups Consulted on Reburials; Boscastle Museum Reopens; Cheese Rolling Tradition Threatened
Article – A Most Egg-cellent Time of the Year – Easter Traditions
Article – Some ‘Disputed’ Stones–  the Corscombe Megaliths, Toller Hoar Stones and the Toller Porcorum Font (a Roman Altar?)
Article – A Brief Guide to Spellworking, by Peter Nash
Feature – The Magical Tradition: Widdecombe Fair
ReviewsMysteries by Chrissie Derbyshire; The Language of Birds by Dale Pendell; The Bones of Avalon by Phil Rickman; Georgia Through Its Folktales by Michael Berman and Ketevan Kalandadze
What’s On – Your guide for the next quarter

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Merry Meet Magazine Issue 36 Spring 2009



Comment – News With Bells On!; Ancestral Bones
News – Peat moors Centre to Close; Merry Meet Website Launched; Landscape of Memory; Dorset Medieval Festival; Recession Hits Archaeology; Morris Film Lacks Distributor
Article – The Changing Face of the Green Man
Article – Ghosts Among the Stones – Fernworthy Stone Circle
Feature – The Magical Tradition – The Lambton Worm
PoemsGrowing Time and Eostre by Ruth francis-Foster
ReviewsWitch – An Autobiography by Rochelle Moore; English Holy Wells – A Sourcebook by Jeremy Harte; Landscape of Memory by Jerry Bird; The Persian ‘Mar Nameh’ by Payam Nabarz and SH Taquizadeh
Feature – Sacred Sites in Danger
What’s On

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