Merry Meet Magazine Issue 47 Winter 2011-12








Comment – The Great British Pub
News – New Evidence on Stonehenge; Pendle Ruin is not Witches Cottage;
Dartmoor Monument revealed; Priddy Circles Arrest; Bronze Roman Cockerel Found;
Glastonbury’s Holy Thorn Killed by Vandals
Article – The Devil & St Pancras (legends of Widecombe)
Article – Well May Ye Bear! – Wassail Chants
Article – Speen Holy Well
Article – The transformative Power of the Wind by Michael Berman
Reviews Ritual by David Pinner; Children of Cain by Michael Howard; The Secrets of Pain by Phil Rickman; Green Men & White Swans by Jaqueline Simpson
What’s On – Your guide for the next quarter

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