Merry Meet Magazine Issue 33 Summer 2008



Comment – What Gloom & Doom?; One For the Birds; Rapturous
News – Stonehenge Vandals Damage Heelstone; Sussex Chieftain’s Grave; Did the Romans Restore Stonehenge?; Shave the Monkey Reform; New Weymouth festival; Lammas Festival; Bikers Vandalise Hill-fort
Article – Jack-in-the-Green
Feature – The Magical Tradition – The Elfin Knight
Article – The First Pagan Revival
Article – The Nine Stones, Dorset
ReviewsThe Gods Within by Jean Williams & Zachary Cox; Firechild: The Life and Magic of Maxine Sanders; Lost Islands by Kevan Manwaring; The Cauldron Born (CD) by Damh the Bard
Feature – Sacred Sites in Danger
What’s On

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