Merry Meet Magazine Issue 29 Summer 2007



Comment – Save Our Sacred Sites; Banksy’s Insult to Stonehenge; double-edged Sword
News – ‘Born Again’ teacher Loses Discrimination Case; Stonehenge Anthem; Pagans targeted; Ritual Sussex Horse Burial; Avebury Solstice; The Lewes Arms; Silbury Progress
Artwork – The World Tree by David Lee Thomas
Article – A Can of Worms: Religious Involvement in Schools
Article – The Hill of Tara
Feature – Pagan Songs No. 14: George Collins
Article – Knowlton Henge
ReviewsThe Druids by Ronald Hutton; The Rough Guide to Climate Change by Robert Henson; The Magus of Stonewylde/Moondance of Stonewylde by Kit Berry; Explore Alchemy by Cherry Gilchrist; Howls of Imagination: Wolves of England by Paul Williams; Songs of Witchcraft and Magic by The Museum of Witchcraft (CD)
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