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bookshop SFTMTSongs from the Magical
by Jerry Bird

A potent strand of mysticism runs through a substantial part of British folk music, from the Yeatsian ‘Celtic Mist’ that infuses many Scottish and Irish ballads to the arcane wierdness of the English Morris Tradition. Songs from the Magical Tradition presents an anthology of songs, with extensive notes on their historical context, imagery, and possible origins.

No firm conclusions are drawn – readers are left to decide for themselves how relevant the songs might be in the wider contexts of historical paganism and magic.

Not just a book about music, this volume includes the words, melodies and chords to seventeen magical traditional songs, including Thomas the Rhymer, Tam Lyn, Clerk Colvill and Childe Rowland, as well as eight instrumental pieces, in easy-to-follow arrangements.

160 pages paperback
Published by Green Magic ISBN: 9780956619709

£12.99 + £2.00 p&p (5 in stock)

Please ask if you would like your copy signed by the author

Ancient Stones On Old
by Jerry Bird

In Edwardian England many hitherto obscure sites of antiquarian interest became popular with a newly mobile population. These images from Jerry Bird’s unique collection of picture-postcards date from that time, when stories concerning druids, faeries, witches and giants were still told about the menhirs, stone circles, cromlechs, caves, gorges, crags and tors that adorn our countryside.

This collection, categorized by folklore and enhanced with lively and scholarly commentary, includes many lesser-known sites. With the added bonus of map references and directions, the book is ideal for the modern-day antiquary or pilgrim who wishes to connect with England’s ancestral ‘ancient stones’.

214 pages large-format paperback
Published by Green Magic ISBN: 9780956188632

£12.99 + £3.00 p&p (6 in stock)

Please ask if you would like your copy signed by the author

Landscape of Memory
by Jerry Bird

The roots of modern Paganism are nourished by soil of old Albion, whose inherently pagan past has always lain barely hidden beneath the surface. This rich heritage is constantly being mined by archaeologists and folklorists, and has provided the building blocks for the reconstruction of the Old Religion. This book takes the reader on a journey through the mythical, historical and archaeological landscape of England, visiting some of its lesser known sites and exploring some of the stranger aspects of folklore, music, tradition, myth and legend that have survived in our sacred landscape.

296 pages paperback
Published by Green Magic ISBN: 9780955290879

£12.99 + £2.50 p&p (4 in stock)

Please ask if you would like your copy signed by the author


bookshop_clip_image002The Spirit of the Green Man
by Mary Neasham

The Spirit of   the Green Man opens up a new understanding of this most potent of archetypes,   who has never been stronger or more influential. Although shrouded in mystery,   he speaks directly to anyone who wants to hear him. The reader is   shown how to meet The Green Man through practical work, green awareness, magic   and meditation and also how to interact with his spirit.

208 pages paperback

Published by Green Magic ISBN 0954296370

£9.99 + £3.00 p&p (5 in stock)

bookshop_clip_image002_0000A Pathway Through the
by Rose Blakeley

A Pathway through the Seasons is Rose Blakeley’s latest book, which is a   collection of delightful stories in rhyme that takes the reader on a fascinating   and enchanting journey through the seasons. It is based on folklore, history   and English customs, and as you travel along the pathway, you will be   accompanied by all aspects of nature including flowers, trees, butterflies and   birds. Each chapter is beautifully illustrated in bright colour, and also   black and white, by the author herself.             This book is a hardback first edition   and is beautifully produced. It is a high quality product with a full gloss   finish on every page.

50 pages hardback

Published by Attitude Publishing ISBN 0955885809

£6.00 + £3.50 p&p (6 in stock)

bookshop_clip_image002_0002Charge of the Goddess
By Doreen Valiente

Charge of the   Goddess was published after the author’s death. It was always   Doreen’s wish that her poetry should reach a wider audience and since her usual   publishers Robert Hales weren’t interested it fell to a group of her friends to   see that it happened according to her wishes. The result is a beautiful book   which contains 41 poems, including the famous ‘charge’. The pages contain   facsimiles of the original texts, with notes and explanations, and many   wonderful photographs and photomontages by John Hooper of Doreen’s ritual   equipment as well as pictures of the Sussex coast and countryside where she   spent her last years. Out of print and very hard to find now at a reasonable price – only a few left!

96 pages paperback

Published by Hexagon Hoopix ISBN: 0953920402

£17.99 + £2.00 p&p (2 in stock)