Merry Meet Magazine

Merry Meet Magazine began in 2000 as the newsletter of the Eastbourne Pagan Circle. Since the demise of that organization as a friendly, mutually supportive group in September 2004 the magazine has become an independent  journal of Folklore and Pagan Heritage,  with a loyal subscribership.
Issues are published three times a year, at the Summer Solstice, Samhain and Imbolc.
The magazine has become well known for its strong editorial stance on environmental and heritage issues, and the preservation of sacred sites lies at the heart of the magazine’s content. In 2008 Laurence Keen OBE, former Dorset County Archaeologist and ex President of the British Archaeological Association agreed to be archaeological consultant to the magazine.
From issue 55, due to issues with poor attitudes to payment among some retailers, Merry Meet Magazine has not been available in shops. From issue 62, the magazine has gone full colour, and is available three times a year.

Jerry Bird, editor

In these pages you may see the content of the current issue, and previous editions. You may also buy the current or past editions and subscribe to the magazine here if you have a Paypal account. If you are a non-UK resident please email me first if you wish to buy back issues, as postage for these is only free in the UK